How to Make Japanese Mochi Ice Cream

Hi Bold Bakers! Does anyone else think that one of the best parts about visiting a great Japanese restaurant is ordering mochi ice cream as dessert? With deliciously refreshing ice cream on the inside and perfectly soft and chewy mochi (a Japanese rice cake) on the outside, it’s no wonder that this popular dessert from Continue Reading

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Cherry Hand Pies From Scratch

Hi Bold Bakers! There’s an unfair bias when it comes to pies, and I think people are seriously missing out!  Pies are a popular dessert around the holidays — some Americans can’t imagine a Thanksgiving without a pumpkin or pecan pie. But they’re missing an entire season’s worth of delicious fruit and veggies to pack Continue Reading

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How to Make Strawberry Granita

Hi Bold Bakers! If you like strawberry granita and getting caught in the rain — that’s not right, is it? Well, maybe the song needs to be updated because an ice-cold strawberry granita is incredible on a hot summer day, and the only equipment you’ll need to make the iconic Italian treat is a blender!  My Continue Reading

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